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Whether you call it a Campervan, a Camper, a Camper Van, a Motorhome, Motorcaravan or RV (Recreational Vehicle) what else gives you so much freedom on holiday? You're not restricted to spending your holiday in one place and no worries about finding accommodation.

Have a listen to the Campervans Ireland Radio Ad - a fun take on the differences between holidays by air and campervan.

Campervans Ireland

If you're thinking of renting or buying (new or second hand) check the listings. We have directories of campervan rental and motorhome sales companies in Ireland (North and South).

If you're going abroad, you'll be looking for a ferry.

If you're planning attending Sea Sessions Surf Music Festival or Electric Picnic and you want more comfort than a tent consider a campervan. Find a camper van hire company.  

If you're looking for campsites in Ireland have a look at campsites ireland.

To connect with other campervan enthusiasts have a look at the Campervans Ireland Facebook Group or have a look at campervan/motorhome clubs.